The Cyber Effect is a series of monthly seminars and workshops about cyber security awareness, information and learning which are offered through Prime Business Solutions, LLC to provide the general public, private companies, and those working in academia insights into developing informed workplace environments. These seminars and workshops focus on the impact of cyber intrusions and the ways in which they can disrupt the free flow of the economy and the lives of citizens.


The Cyber Effect sessions will address:


  • Understanding probability - the "Why" to how you need to prepare
  • Defining cyber security
  • Protecting oneself on the Internet – should you open the email?
  • Embracing the urgent need to switch out passwords regularly
  • Using credit cards with care on the Internet
  • Identifying the first signs of a threat
  • Handling a threat if it should occur – where and how to report a fraudulent occurrence
  • Knowing where to turn and learning what resources are available
  • Learning the timeline in which to act
  • Discovering the laws and policies surrounding the recovery of any monies and the tenacity to follow through
  • Creating a new financial portfolio or recapturing personal identity
  • Putting safeguards in place that may prohibit access to new profiles in the future
  • Re-establishing a sense of comfort and trust from a violation of your life


The goals of these workshops fall under four areas: Awareness, Information, Future Opt, and Direction.


Awareness:  To train people about the possibilities of a cyber threats intrusion.


Information: To provide regular workshops, information sessions, webinars, and hands-on resources on how to thwart cyber threats.


Future Opt: To drive the need for career building and an interest in the field of cybersecurity.


Direction: To offer long-term and ongoing linkage and access to viable resources in order to protect the financial resources and investments of businesses and government agencies as well as the identity of private citizens.

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