We provide awareness to business units so they have the necessary information to address the IT needs of their organizations. New security issues require innovative approaches in order to resolve security gaps that engage the internal and external security problems of network connectivity. These issues can include suspicious transmission activity on networks, users accessing unauthorized applications, various challenges related to administrator's rights for accessing systems, or issues related to data centers.


We work to bring awareness of various methods which have been tailored to resolve a unique risk environment. In addition, we provide information on security and resiliency objectives.


Prime Business Solutions strives to bring awareness on operational learning within organizations to ensure that all network users are aware of the security and intrusion risks of “bring your own device” (BYOD) technology enhancements within the business network environment.




Avoiding the Trap . . . Staying Ahead of the Thief


The information provided by Prime Business Solutions, LLC enables users to develop a structured approach to managing security, mitigating cyber breaches, and honing techniques to defend against network intrusion. An essential element of our methodology is face-to-face workshops. These workshops bring awareness on a variety of developed methods, help users manage the threat of risks, and facilitate the need for security information management. The complexities of security requirements demand awareness of all stakeholders. Prime Business Solutions, LLC provides tools to learn the impact and effects of cyber attacks in the workplace. These attacks can result in the loss of business agility, personal fraud and theft, and a disruption in the professional lives of a company's employees.


New technologies being deployed for telecommunications, broadband and wireless infrastructures, as well as global internet solutions require that networks interconnect across segmented established zones. Prime Business Solutions, LLC listens to customers and can suggest other organizations who can consult on a variety of security information management methodologies.



How Businesses can Prepare Information Security of Data


Information Security has three important components:

  • To examine and manage access to information systems and data centers
  • To protect the human and economic factors of the data
  • To gain insights and visibility for possible solutions to the problem



The Management of Access to Information Systems


The human and economic factors

In order to address the human and economic factors of information security it is important to identify and protect a society's viable assets. The human capital from both fraud and intruders who set out to embezzle and deprive earned financial securities from unsuspecting organizations is a major issue that needs to be addressed.


The possible solutions to the problem

Providing awareness, information and learning to educate citizens about the complexities of information security and the importance of safeguarding their financial information, identity and futures against possible cyber infringements is an essential step to solving this growing problem.



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